Prototype installation in Aznalcóllar (Seville-Spain)

Rioglass Solar is a global leader in designing and manufacturing optical CSP and CPV components. Founded in 2007, Rioglass Solar is now the largest supplier of CSP HCE tubes and concentrating mirrors in the world.

Capitalizing on its extensive knowledge and experience, Rioglass has created a turn-key solar solution to generate process heat for industrial applications. Our Engineers have developed a Fresnel system not seen before generating process heat at a much lower cost while at the same time eliminating fossil fuels and therefore reducing the customers carbon foot print. This Rioglass breakthrough design enables us to manufacture, assemble and calibrate these amazing modules at our facilities worldwide so the equipment is ready to be installed when it arrives at the customer’ site. These “Plug and Play” systems are designed to work with a variety of heat transfer fluids.

The world class staff at our glass fabrication facilities designed a Fresnel system using very precise and accurate TEMPERED CURVED lenses with 6 different curvature radios within each module, making it the most efficient solar collector system in the market today to produce industrial process heat. Rioglass’ Clients can be Environmentally conscious while reducing cost at the same time.

Rioglass is the only Manufacturer that has complete control over the entire supply chain. All major components are produced within the Rioglass Group guaranteeing consistent quality and timely deliveries.

Module main figures:

  • Structure size: 5800 x 2030 mm
  • Reflective area: 9.97 m2
  • Receiver height above primary
    mirrors: 3000 mm
  • Receiver height above ground level:
    4000 mm approx.
  • Reflective area vs ground total area:
    9.97/(5.8×2.03) = 0.846 (one of the
    highest in the market)
  • Module weight: 374 kg

Operation limits:

Pressure: up to 40 bar
Temperature: up to 400 °C
Life expectancy +25 years
Wind load:

  • Up to 25 km/h: standard operation
  • Up to 90 km/h: reduced operation,
    decreased performance due to
    mirror vibration
  • Over 90 km/h: Standby position
  • Max wind load: 144 km/h

(*) Obtained from natural gas monthly consumptions and considering plant efficiency

Case Study

The following real case study for a project in the south of Spain shows that 52% (8339 MWh) of the client’s annual energy demand (16086 MWh) is provided by Rioglass solar system, which generates 1016 kWh/sqm, with a max thermal peak output of 709 W/sqm, which means a total thermal peak output of 5.82 MW.

Client consumes natural gas from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, while with Rioglass system will save 278 k€ out of a total energy bill of 536 k€. Besides that, the system avoids 1700 ton. of CO2 emissions per year, which results in additional savings in the carbon emission market.

Rioglass advantages:

  • Global CSP company with projects
    implemented in the five continents
  • Largest supplier within its business
  •  Proven solutions already installed
    in solar fields for several years
  • Financially sound company
  • Manufacturer of main components
    of the solar field

Rioglass CSP solution advantages:

  • Important reduction on customer’s
    energy costs
  • Scalable and modular solution
    adaptable to customer’s need
  • It can be hybridized with other
    energy processes
  • Short field installation times and low
    costs as modules are manufactured
    and calibrated within Rioglass
    facilities and not at project site


  • Energy supply independent of
    electricity or fuel price changes and
    political regulation modifications
  • No fuel cost as sunlight is free and
    daily available
  • 24/7 stable energy supply with
    energy storage system
  • Positive impact on company’s
    marketing and brand name