Rioglass Solar takes care of managing permits and subsidies, designing, installing and operating installations, making the Rioglass Solar investment, and supplying renewable electricity, heat or hydrogen, so the client doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Key benefits include:

• No investment required from the client. Rioglass makes the investment and receives payment for the supply.

• The client starts saving from day one, paying a fixed price for renewable energy that is well below their current rate.

• At the end of the supply contract, the installation becomes the client’s property without any additional payment, and the client continues to benefit from the energy free of charge for many more years.

• This reduces CO2 emissions, allowing the company to obtain green certificates and demonstrate its environmental commitment to customers.

1. Photovoltaic electricity supply

Photovoltaic self-consumption consists of installing a rooftop or ground-mounted photovoltaic system, which is generally the client’s property. This system generates electricity to be consumed by the customer from renewable sources during daylight hours.

Rioglass offers photovoltaic electricity supply in the form of a Self-Consumption PPA. This means the client doesn’t have to worry about a thing, all while benefitting from photovoltaic electricity and making savings on their electricity bill within a matter of weeks.

In cases where the client does not have sufficient space available on site, we can take care of looking for land or offering a remote photovoltaic energy production contract. This allows clients to receive green certificates and stable prices from an off-site solar installation.

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The Self-Consumption PPA contract provides countless advantages to allow you to focus on your activity. The table below should be further simplified.

If you already have a self-consumption photovoltaic installation but don’t know whether you are maintaining it properly, whether it could yield more, or if the installation is causing a headache, we can audit your installation, buy it back, get it up to date, and supply you with electricity at a fixed price without any worries for you – with savings from the very first day.

I want to save money!

Call us on one of the following telephone numbers or fill out the contact form below and one of our agents will be in touch to help you start saving in no time.

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What added value does a PPA/self-consumption-based photovoltaic supply contract provide?

Electricity purchase contract in PPA/self-consumption mode Purchase of a photovoltaic facility as owner
Design and production Photovoltaic plant design and each step in its assembly, operation and maintenance are optimised to give maximum production at the lowest cost. This is the secret for you to make savings while Rioglass achieves profitability. A win-win situation. The installer may design the photovoltaic plant to fit as many panels as possible, without optimising production or client savings or thinking about subsequent maintenance (they commonly leave no passages for maintenance, and you cannot step on the panels!)
Operation and Maintenance The client has no worries. Everything is included in the PPA contract price: maintenance, cleaning, managing equipment and performance guarantees... If the system is not producing, we do not charge. Not included or optional. If the system is not producing, the client may take some time to realise this and then not know what to do.
Guarantee Full, throughout the contract. Guarantees on service, equipment, system, installation, performance. Two years for the installation and the standard time for the equipment. The end client manages those guarantees.
Risk Rioglass assumes all the technical and financial risks The client accepts all the risks
Subsidies Rioglass manages the subsidies available and reduces the PPA price when they are obtained The client applies for, processes and justifies subsidies
Energy cost Transparent, with no hidden costs There are hidden operation and maintenance costs due to: unexpected operations, lower production than expected, faults, degradation, dirt...

Some examples of rooftop pv self-consumption:

• Villadangos (León). 243kWp. In operation.

• Mieres (Asturias). 100kWp. In operation.

• Villabrázaro (Zamora). 810kWp. Under construction.

• Aznalcollar. 400kWp. In progress.

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2. Heat supply for industrial processes of renewable origin

Rioglass Solar has extensive experience in supplying renewable heat for industrial and agri-food processes. Rioglass Solar is able to supply process heat for processes between 40ºC and 220ºC. This temperature range covers the majority of industrial processes requiring heat.

Examples of applications that require process heat include:

• Cleaning, pasteurisation and sterilisation, among other uses, for the food and drink industry

• Industrial refrigeration

• Heat treatment in chemical processes, cellulose manufacturing, industrial drying, and industrial laundry processes

• Drying and evaporation processes in mining applications

• Wastewater treatment and sludge drying

National and international subsidy programmes are available! Rioglass takes care of everything.

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3. Supply of green ammonia and hydrogen

Green hydrogen and ammonia have become one of the main levers for governments to advance the decarbonisation of sectors such as industry and transport.

Rioglass Solar offers turnkey solutions adapted and customised to meet the needs of each of our clients, in order to partially replace the consumption of hydrogen or ammonia of fossil origin, or to partially replace the use of fossil fuels in natural gas boilers.

Main uses of green hydrogen:

1. Raw material in industrial processes. Examples of industries that currently use hydrogen:

• Refineries

• Steel industry

• Ammonia and fertiliser production

• Methanol

2. Replacing fossil fuels in heat-intensive processes. Examples of industries:

• Steel industry

• Glass manufacture and processing

3. Mobility. Supply of hydrogen for city bus fleets or logistic transport fleets, among others.

National and international subsidy programmes are available! Rioglass Solar takes care of everything.

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